Centuries ago, a beast of mystifying proportions and relentless destruction emerged from the depths of the White Mountains. He was larger and meaner than any gorilla, as if he had stepped out of some prehistoric age of monsters. And yet, as imposing as this creature was, his coat of white allowed him to move through this tundra like a ghost. This deadly thing was one of a rare breed, hell bent on blind destruction. Unfortunately for all those in front of him, this was a yeti.

He descended upon Fairlee, Vermont under the cloak of night, and devastated all the villages in his path. He tore through the center of town, destroying every store, every home, and every person he came across. But the yeti did something very curious with each building he destroyed. He seemed to be searching for something, and every once in a while, he would pierce the night with his cacophonous yawp. The villagers prayed he would find whatever continued to elude him.


On a particularly rowdy night in the unsuspecting town of Fairlee, fur traders from up north and townsmen gathered for a game of shinny. Not long after they began, the yeti stalked over. He let out another thunderous roar and lurched toward the treasure he had been seeking- the trophy- but he immediately lost his footing and slammed down on the ice.

Finally, the hockey players took notice, and realized that this big furry white dude wanted to steal their trophy. In a split second, hockey pucks started flying. Some of them managed to actually pelt the yeti, who continued to slip on the ice. After a flurry of pucks continued to hammer the monster, he eventually retreated, and scurried all the way back to his lair. The villagers had won!

Their town council decided to continue this tradition every year to scare the yeti off from raiding their village. They awarded the winning team a trophy known as the Yeti Cup. This tradition was eventually forgotten as the sightings of the yeti became fewer and fewer over the years. Now, whispers of the yeti still remain, but it is thought of as a mere wives' tale...

After the years of peace we have been granted by these heroes, it seems high time for that yeti to return. Some hikers say the yeti is still very much alive and preparing to attack once again. This year, we’re prepared. We’ve dusted off the long-lost Yeti Cup and we are gathering the best and bravest of New England to battle the yeti the same way those guys did hundreds of years ago, and potentially save the United States of America. Go us.